Here’s what others are saying about Stages of Faith:

“There is nothing more critical than the spiritual health and vitality of leaders. As a developer of leaders, I am always looking for tools to help in the growth process. Stages of Faith combines practical steps, biblical context, and engaging questions to help any person walk through the process of growth. It provides a road map to gauge where one is on the journey, where one might have drifted, and a path to continue toward maturity and health. I personally worked through Stages of Faith with the coaching of Don Willett. I recognized there were some gaps in one of the earlier stages where I needed to refocus my heart. Don helped me do that as I continue my growth journey. I am indebted to Don and love his shepherd’s heart.”

Marc Rutter, D. 

Min. US National Director 
Leadership Development and HR  
Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) 

“What is the greatest need in the church today? Discipleship and depth. Every pastor wants the congregation to grow spiritually as individuals, but lacks tools that are both comprehensive and simple. Stages of Faith is both. The framework is biblical and doctrinally sound. Its methodology places the information in a wonderfully accessible and practical format. It helps believers think and do. As a Navigator, I see it building in the basics of discipleship that we have attempted to communicate for over half a century. It helps people walk through the thorny issues of growth and stimulates practical and personal application. Don Willett’s experience in teaching discipleship in Churches permeates this study. He knows first-hand the roadblocks faced in churches who are desperately attempting to meet the incredibly diverse needs of the people. This is a profound tool for small groups and for individuals. Discipleship is never easy, automatic or assumed, but Stages of Faith provides a path that is easy to use and is markedly effective.”

Jerry E. White, PhD
International President Emeritus
Chairman Emeritus
The Navigators
Major General, USAF, Ret

“Finally, a perfectly balanced, effective, and attractive publication that sets out a courageous path to deep and meaningful spiritual growth. Don Willett is a master educator with decades of experience in serious discipleship—and it shows. There is not a church, Bible study, or Christian growth group that would not benefit dramatically from working through this phenomenal study.”

Craig J. Hazen, Ph.D.
Director, MA in Christian Apologetics
Biola University
Author of Five Sacred Crossings

“Dr. Willett has responded effectively to the biblical mandate to grow in one’s relationship with God by producing a powerful vehicle for progress on the path of spiritual maturity. Through the exercises and information contained in Stages of Faith the Holy Spirit takes the hand of the believer and escorts the child of God along their journey of being conformed to the image of Christ.”

Dr. Kenneth C. Ulmer
Senior Pastor/Teacher
Faithful Central Bible Church, Los Angeles

 A Men’s Small Group Testimonial:

Recently, a men’s small group in North Carolina finished the Stages of Faith thirteen week workbook study. Hear their experience:

Tyrone J - “When I was first approached to take part in the Stages of Faith group, I thought it was just another routine class being offered. After the first session where we all introduced ourselves and gave a brief description of our childhood and what has brought us to where we are now, then I realized that this group was destined to be life changing. When you see grown men getting emotional about what they have been through in life you know at that point God’s getting ready to work a miracle. This group bonded so well and we learned from and were taught by everybody. I feel so special to have been a part of this Stages of Faith class and I know that my life was impacted all the greater by sharing our stories and receiving the unconditional support of these brothers!”

Brandon B - “Stages has taught me so much about life on many different levels, spiritually and on a personal level. There’s nothing I can say to thank you guys. I’m a different person in my Christian life and in my personal life… I Love you guys and thanks for not giving up on me.”

Rodney W - “Wow!!! Transformational, emotional, educational, inspiring and engaging. Stages of Faith has been that and much more. Stages provided a venue to grow in Christ while truly being transparent with other men. The experience has helped me to grow closer to the brothers in the program. It has truly been life changing.”

Russell W - “Not only do I believe I have grown in my own faith …I have several other brothers who walked with me … whom I can rely on when needed. Each week having a chance to hear other men recount significant moments in their life was inspirational. No topic was off-limits, and we all shared without the feeling of shame or guilt from errors made in our past. In fact, I believe many spoke of situations that have not been told to others…EVER. That can only happen when TRUST is built. I believe this class will be the beginning of something special at the church as other men will hopefully have the opportunity to take part in this series.”

Ilayna’s Story - A Women's Bible Study Testimonial 

After completing the Stages of Faith study in a women’s small group, Ilayna shared some of her story…

“The Stages of Faith study has brought me to the place where I can no longer hide from or avoid the reality of where I truly am in my spiritual journey. It has exposed the cracks and flaws in my faith foundation while also revealing the means by which those cracks and flaws can be healed. I learned that even though I have a rich Christian spiritual heritage in my family and church experience, and despite having graduated from one of the premier Christian universities in this country, I’m still grace deficient and I still have a ways to go in putting my full trust in God as I struggle to accept that I don’t have to perform to be accepted by God.”

Don Willett’s response: Everyone comes to adulthood having traveled a unique and windy journey—including weaknesses, as well as injuries and cripplings sustained along the way. Now is Ilayna’s time to see where God wants to work in her life. In Stages, Ilayna discovered that she can partner with God to strengthen Milestones 1 and 2 of the Childhood stage of faith. To become more whole in her spiritual development, Ilayna has begun to attend to the specific areas that she has up till now neglected or buried. Without Stages, Ilayna’s hurts would continue to be unexposed, continuing to stunt her growth and delay her healing. But, now Ilayna can target the particular areas where she needs to get spiritually fit.

Don asked Ilayna, “In Stages of Faith, what did you discover that obstructed or delayed your spiritual growth?”

“There are two things I discovered that have delayed my transformation: 1) the faulty teaching I received in my family of origin, which was Christian. Despite being saved, I felt that God was still judging me and weighing whether He accepted me based on my performance; 2) the lack of spiritual Parents in the faith to guide me at pivotal points on my journey. I truly believe that if I had an understanding Parent in the faith—courageous, patient, gentle, challenging and loving enough to reach out to me in the midst of my turmoil—to walk with me through that tumultuous time, I would not have damaged my marriage to the extent that I did.”

Don observes: Ilayna’s personal story makes a strong case for the value of connecting with a seasoned Parent in the faith who provides insight, skilled care and guidance for the journey, as well as traveling with transformative friendships (Milestone 3) who cheer and fight for your wholeness. But, tragically, there is a dire famine of Parents in the faith to pay attention to believers (like Ilayna) as they face the challenges of the Childhood and Young Adulthood stages. Equally tragic is the fact that too many small group studies and the curriculum prescribed to believers are just that—a study whose primary purpose is to inform. Ilayna found, in Stages of Faith, an unprecedented and trustworthy “map” to follow on her journey, and a dynamic community
in which she could be transformed.

With Stages of Faith, you too can discover where God is at work in your life and how far you have come in the Childhood, Young Adulthood, and Parenthood stages through the eight milestones. And be relieved that you will NOT be prescribed to study more, pray more, attend more, serve more, be more committed… Maybe you have been there, done that, and got the t-shirt! Stages of Faith offers an entirely new and fresh way—a biblical path—to guide your journey. You will be Transformed, not just Informed.