The Path (Ebook)

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The Path (Ebook)

Do you feel stuck in your spiritual journey? Do you long to grow—and help others to grow—in spiritual maturity? Are you tired of the commonly prescribed formulas and methods in discipleship resources? While other books claim to bring a fresh insight or a new challenge to today’s followers of Christ, The Path: How to Understand and Experience Authentic Spiritual Growth is truly one-of-a-kind, offering you an alternative way to look at the Christian life. It is not a trendy, new formula or a canned prescription, but a simple, comprehensive, and transformative approach to your spiritual journey. Biblically based and developmentally informed, The Path identifies three dynamic stages of spiritual growth and eight milestones that can help you to measure your progress, identify the obstacles delaying your spiritual journey, and chart your course forward.

ISBN: 978-1-41412-192-5
Format: ePub
Publisher: Trusted Books

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