Do you have a fitness coach? A tennis instructor? A golf pro?

Every follower of Christ would benefit from time with a coach who can help guide the journey of spiritual growth. Connect with Don Willett, Ph.D., as your personal Stages of Faith coach. Don provides you with private, customized, and skilled coaching through the 13 sessions in Stages of Faith—and the support, challenge, and vision to get you in optimal spiritual shape.

Confused, disillusioned and exhausted 

Followers of Christ can become confused, disillusioned and exhausted with commonly used discipleship methods and prescribed fixes. Believers are longing for—and responsive to—a fresh and biblical path to follow. That explains my motivation to champion Stages of Faith as an unrivaled alternative because it provides what’s missing and debunks misleading metrics of external behaviors and beliefs commonly promoted in our churches.

Benefits of a seasoned Coach

Believers need more than a path to follow. They need a “guide” who’s been on the same path—one who has gone before. A relationship­ with a seasoned Parent in the faith provides skilled support, challenge, and vision that transforms rather than merely informs.

The goals of the Coaching sessions?
You can expect to:

Be assured that you will not be prescribed the common formula of More!—more study, more prayer, more memorization, more commitment, more service… to get spiritually fit.

You will be challenged to think in new and different ways about your faith. One-on-one guidance gives you a seasoned accountability partner so you can go farther on your journey toward Christ-likeness.

The changes are amazing as you discard (unlearn) old assumptions about how spiritual growth occurs, and then rely on (learn) the truths revealed in this unprecedented model of spiritual growth. Like the startling transformation from an earthbound caterpillar morphs into a soaring butterfly, believers witness the process of genuine transformation. 

Level 1 Coaching  Level 2 Coaching
  • Complete the workbook: Stages of Faith: 8 Milestones that Mark Your Journey.
  • Become practiced in personalizing the new concepts of each milestone in the Stages of Faith model.
  • Discover fresh insight and clear direction for your journey.
  • Supplementary Stages resources for each milestone will enrich the learning process.
  • Craft a customized “Fitness Plan” to get in optimal spiritual shape.
  • 13 one-hour sessions.
"Having been coached through the Stages of Faith study, I'm reminded of professional athletes and their relationship with their coaches. These are the very best in their sport, and yet they still all have coaches, trainers, therapists, advisors and mentors.....

They are the highest caliber athletes in the world, and they humbly admit that they need others to help them get even better and reach higher than they would reach by themselves; to build greater fitness, knowledge, skills and understanding. They know that without the coaching and help, they would be limiting their peak.

I fully believe, as a Christian man, I cannot reach my fullest potential without a mentor and coach. Don's coaching has strengthened some weaknesses in my understanding of how to walk with Christ. It's been a process of learning and unlearning. He has helped me identify areas of strength as well as dysfunction to begin the process of shoring up my foundation as a believer that I will stand on and build on the rest of my life. I approach my Christian walk with new optimism and hope. For that, I am filled with gratitude to my friend and coach, Don Willett."

Jay S, Redondo Beach, CA
Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

  • Read and personalize The Path: How to Understand and Experience Authentic Spiritual Growth.
  • Become conversant with the biblical foundation and the developmental theory behind the Stages of Faith model.
  • Gain firsthand experience leading your own Stages of Faith small group or discipling someone one-on-one.
  • Sharpen your small group skills, essential to leading others.
  • Learn how to use the Spiritual Growth Profileinstrument to assess and guide others’ progress.
  • Document your personal story of facing the challenges at each milestone—“My Journey Record.&rdquo>
  • 13 one-hour sessions.
"I have invested heavily in spiritual growth, though I now realize the growth I left on the table these last two decades. Unlike any other experience, through a deeper understanding provided by Stages of Faith, I now have a path to become the person and disciplemaker I've always wanted to be. The Milestones, rooted in
1 John 2:12-14, are very grounding and provide a very useful framework for seeing the path to spiritual maturity. Now, with a view of this path, I can see the very basic areas I can focus on to develop as building blocks. Self-care in each of the Milestones has been healing, empowering, takes away mechanicalness in devotion and prayer, and takes away confusion in discipleship. It shapes my growth as deeply relational with God. Clarity in truth is powerful. Thank you Don Willett!"

-Andrew Houser, Omaha, NE
Completed Level 2 Coaching

 Download Level 1 Guide (PDF) Download Level 2 Guide (PDF)

Contact Dr. Willett at A phone conversation will help you determine how Coaching can help you go higher and farther. Schedule Your Complimentary Coaching Session Today.

"There is nothing more critical than the spiritual health and vitality of leaders. As a developer of leaders, I am always looking for tools to help in the growth process. Stages of Faith combines practical steps, biblical context, and engaging questions to help any person walk through the process of growth. It provides a road map to gauge where one is on the journey, where one might have drifted, and a path to continue toward maturity and health. I personally worked through Stages of Faith with the coaching of Don Willett. I recognized there were some gaps in one of the earlier stages where I needed to refocus my heart. Don helped me do that as I continue my growth journey. I am indebted to Don and love his shepherd's heart.

Marc Rutter, D.Min.
US National Director of Leadership Development and HR
Campus Crusade
Orlando, FL

"The value of engaging with Don and the Stages material served as a catalyst for pushing into areas of needed growth in my life. I appreciate the insight Don has into the growth process and the Milestone's served as concrete benchmarks to understand the gaps in my character and walk with Jesus. The Stages material can be a valuable tool in helping individuals and groups avoid the pitfalls of pseudo-growth while helping stimulate true life change.”

Nick DeCola
HRP The Communications Group
Cru, Orlando, FL

"One-on-one coaching with Don was a great experience. Don provided a supportive environment focused on my growth and gave me a safe place to discuss what the Lord is teaching me. It provided focused time and accountability for me to concentrate on my own spiritual journey leading to personal renewal. As I uncovered some personal roadblocks to experiencing God as my Father, Don was there to help process all that God was showing me and allowed me to identify some practical steps for growth.”
I have been a Christian for almost 30 years and I am passionate about personal growth and helping others grow in their relationship with God. Stages of Faith helped me identify specific areas I need to continue to grow in, and it gave me a biblical framework for helping others be lifelong disciples of Jesus.”
Tom Norris
Director of Cru Inner-City,
Los Angeles, CA
July, 2017

"Before we began Coaching together, I had plateaued for many years. It didn’t occur to me that I could go any further or deeper. I knew that other people have, and do, but I thought that I had gone about as far as I could go. Thank you for gently, yet enthusiastically, setting me on a spiritual path that is transformational.”

Carolyn, Newport Beach, CA


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